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About Chasten Gold Nonprofit 

      Chasten Gold is a Sacramento, California based 501(c)3 certified nonprofit organization (FEIN: 84-2404682) that focuses on finding innovative ways to support and advocate for the local Homeless, veterans, impoverished youth and young adults and provide funding and tuition to impoverished students that are in need of school supplies, uniforms, and college tuition. We aim to heighten the awareness for the impoverished and homeless by hosting family and adult events throughout the city to provide funding towards our company's goals in providing food and shelter to the homeless and scholarship opportunities for local students.

What's in a Name? Meaning of Chasten Gold

To chasten something or someone, you must train, discipline and educate them to be better, stronger than they were before so they may be who they are destined to be.  Even being born with hearts of gold, we need to continually chasten ourselves daily to be a better human being not only for ourselves, but for our families and our communities as a whole. Chasten Gold Nonprofit encourages this idea in young and old alike. This practice allows our organization to help those in need as Chasten Gold becomes a leader in eradicating the homeless crisis in California. 

"Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, 

O LORD, and teachest him out of thy law;"

Psalm 94:12 

What Chasten Gold Stands For 

     We are continually striving to be innovative in our approach to helping those we serve in the communities that desperately need assistance. Our members have been walking the Midtown area every weekday gifting warm pancakes and fruit to homeless they see in the early morning. We want our neighbors to know that they are not alone and that they may receive all the blessings and opportunities that other have, if they seek guidance or assistance.

Our company is developing a user-friendly platform for sponsors, supporters and volunteers to discuss current topics, interact and engage to support crowd-funding for our city and individual’s needs. We want to create a local and online community to our supporters and encourage our youth to dedicate their time and efforts in supporting those that may not be as fortunate. We provide local service opportunities to students and young adults to inspire the next generation of philanthropists and activists. There is never a time too early or too late to help those in need.

In addition, our members are currently creating a video blog titled ‘#iamSacTownToo’, which will document stories of the lives of Homeless individuals in Sacramento. There is so much history, emotion and triumph in each and every one of our journeys. With each video, it will take you on the journey of a person that lives not too far from you and will allow them to speak their truth and tell their story. These lovely individuals will prove to you that they are here, they are human and they are Sactown too! By creating this blog, we hope to capture the invaluable stories of our fellow neighbor and present them in a creative way to provide understanding to those willing to support and dedicate their time and effort to our causes. 

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