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In Need of a New Career or Gainful Employment? We Can Help!

With California Civil Service Help, we wish to assist all Californians find gainful employment within State, County and Government offices. The benefits and experiences far exceed many other careers out there and it is a lot easier to hop on board than many may think! Our team will assist you in many ways and services, such as resume and cover letter assistance and many more. 

Although our main services are offered at a small cost, we do offer FREE advice and tools that wil; assist in guiding you through your first hands-on process through California state government. We have attached below helpful tools to get you started and also our first Youtube video to get you started through theJobs.Ca.Gov website. Many well wishes on your journey! 

Thank you again for taking time to review our page and services! We are very excited and proud of you for taking the first steps to jumpstart your career goals, whether for your family or yourself. No matter the Why, you will be rewarded for investing in yourself and ensuring you have a bright future today and tommorrow. 

Take time to like, follow and subscribe to our Youtube and Instagram page for more information on career advice and hot positions with CA State. Also, review our services below that are available to all. Contact us at if you have any comments or questions.

Ca State Worker Job Plans

I was an Office Tech for over 12 yrs before I really knew my options of promoting within my department. My consultant helped me negotiate my merit salary increase and get promoted to an SSA in less than 3 months of working with them. I can finally get what I deserve. Thank you!

Jourdyn S.

Sacramento, CA

I am in LOVE with my new career. After less than two years I was able to promote to my dream job after being stuck at the lower level of the county for several years. I am so appreciative to yall for helping me. I'm offically climbing the ladder! 

Candice T.

Napa, CA

After COVID, I lost my business of 13 years. With Chasten Gold's help, I was able to get a job with the state that fit my work skills and took my military expereince into consideration. Thanks to you.

Jonathan N.

El Dorado Hills, CA

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