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Sactown News

Sactown News is a blog series about the unhoused and homless crisis within our city limits or Sacramento, CA and local communties through the state of California. We will also update you on Measure, Polls and Legislative matters that will affect our communities. 

Damian Newton Midtown Sacramento Homeless Shelter

Sacramento Voter Approved a Ban on Homeless Camps. Is there enforcement?

June 22, 2023

Sacramento's Measure O, which banned Homeless encampments, went into effect and it has not been doing it's intended duty. The Measure was to assist unhoused persons into getting into homeless shelters, but City officials have not yet cleared a single encampment! In over 6 months, the city has issued only one citation and connected 55 perosns to sheleters. 

The Measure also requires the city to create hundreds of new shelter spaces. Without these spaces, the Measure cannot do what it was created to do. 

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Newsom Tiny Homes in Sacramento

Newsom Admin to Provide 350 Tiny Homes to Unhoused Persons in Sacramento

March 16, 2023

Newsom's Administration has nnouced that they will provide 1,200 tiny homes statewide, with 350 for the Sacramento Region. This has come duringa  time where the state of California is fighting for assistance with housing for all financial statuses. 

The Administration states the tiny homes will cost approximately $30 million and would be up within months, not years. 

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